Bottisham Community Sports and Social Club

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Bottisham Community Sports and Social club wishes to inform our Membership and any other interested parties of our priorities, aims and the measures we have, and are, taking during the current crisis.

Our Aims

  1. We want to protect and safeguard our Staff, Membership and visitors as best we can from contracting the virus whilst using The Club.

  2. We want The Club to remain open and and whilst it is under our control we will strive to achieve that by taking stringent measures to reduce risk to all visitors.

What we are doing

  1. We have introduced a regime of deep cleaning contact surfaces, i.e. door handles, push plates and commonly contacted surfaces around the bar areas.

  2. Where possible we have secured internal doors fully open to remove the need to touch them upon entry and exit.

  3. Ample supplies of handwash are available in all toilet facilities as is hot water.

  4. We will refuse to serve drinks in a glass that has not been sanitised.

  5. We want to limit cash transactions to an absolute minimum and we would ask that you are prepared to pay by card via a contactless transaction.

What we need you to do

  1. On entry please sanitise your hands.

  2. Face masks must be worn at all times except when seated at a table.  

  3. Everyone will need to be recorded on entry and will be asked for a contact phone number.

Information effective 17th May

There will be table service only. Please take a seat when you arrive and wait to be served, the bar staff will be with you as quickly as possible. Please be patient as these are trying times for everyone.


Due to the additional pressure on staff and increased costs it will no longer be possible to open Saturday lunchtimes. The new opening times are listed on our home page.


To speed up the table service we ask you to pay by card if possible.

Useful Links

Advice issued by Her Majesties Government is available by clicking here.

Advice issued by The National Health Service is available by clicking here.

Bottisham Community Sports and Social Club can be emailed by clicking here, or call on 01223 812063